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Moi m'aime 2020

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When purchasing a VIP ticket, you get :

- One (1) pass for the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

- "moi m'aime" art book


Honorary President: Sébastien Bélair  - Honorary Patrons: Myriam et Philippe Fehmiu


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Since the 1st Edition this personnalities have agreed to play along:

Jean Airoldi, Jennifer Alleyn, Michel Barrette, Antoine Bertrand, Janette Bertrand, Dominic BesnerBiz, Denise Bombardier, Pierre Brassard, Daniel Brière, Geneviève Brouillette, Pascale Bussières, Sophie Cadieux, Anne Casabonne, France CastelSerge Chapleau, Lyne Charlebois, Michel Côté, Laurent Craste, René Derouin, Yves Desgagnés, India Desjardins, Anne Dorval, Raoûl Duguay, Sophie Faucher, Philippe Fehmiu, Louise Forestier, Paul-André Fortier, Lewis Furey, Margie Gillis, Monique Giroux, David Goudreault, Macha Grenon, René Homier-Roy, Dr Martin Juneau, Florence KMarc LabrècheCharlotte Le Bon, Mathieu Laca, Charles Lafortune, Jean Lapointe, Louise Latraverse, Carole Laure, Jocelyn Lebeau, Tristan Malavoy, Fanny Mallette, Louise Marleau, Alexis Martin, Pénélope McQuade, Winston McQuade, Pascale Montpetit, François Papineau, Mylène Paquette, Laurent Paquin, Pierre-Karl Péladeau, Klô Pelgag, Bryan Perro, Geneviève Pettersen, Antoine Olivier Pilon, Michel Rabagliati, Rober Racine, Michel Rivard, Stéphane Rousseau, Danielle Roy, Chloé Sainte-Marie, Patrick Senécal, Alexandre Taillefer, Kim Thúy, Mara Tremblay, Michel Tremblay, Richard Turcotte, Sonia Vachon, Alain VadeboncoeurArmand Vaillancourt, Isabelle Vincent, Karen YoungZilon and much more!

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Edwige Dazogbo
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How will we promote the event?

Many activities will take place to promote this one-of-a-kind event. Our goal is to promote both the Moi m'aime event and our sponsors. Our promotional plan will include:

  • Communication tools (website, printed promotional materials, event programs)
  • Media relations
  • A social media marketing strategy and execution
  • Targeted invitations sent to major artists and personalities in Quebec

How can you help us?

We're asking for your generous support as a major event sponsor. Founded in 1983, the CAP uses creativity to help people deal with their emotional issues. Now growing at a remarkable rate, the organization has become a model for providing a safe space, along with guidance and support, for those suffering from anxiety. Our services are thriving, and we need financial support to help us keep up with demand. Moi m'aime is a meaningful event worth supporting; become a partner.