Each year, for the past seven years, around a hundred self-portraits have been produced in all candor by personalities and artists to support the mission of the CAP. Created to change the public's perception of mental health, these self-portraits are then auctioned as part of MOI M'AIME, a unique and exclusive fundraising auction in which all the funds raised allow the CAP to pursue its mandate and maintain its essential services.

After the great success of the fundraising auction in 2020, Le CAP returns with MOI M'AIME - one hundred self-portraits which will be in its 8th edition. Benoît Chalifoux, internationally renowned speaker will be our spokesperson. The auctions will take place online from May 5th to 19th :


Lucie Houle, honorary president of Moi M'aime 2021                                                      Benoît Chalifoux, spokesperson of Moi M'aime 2021

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Photo : Laurence Labbat

"It gives me great pleasure to support this great organization that is the CAP. Mental health is a fundamental building block for the well-being of people. I fully share the values ​​conveyed by the CAP by emphasizing inclusion and the benefits of artistic activity on the health of the community. It is for all these reasons that I care about this inspiring organization!"

Benoît Chalifoux, spokesperson of Moi M'aime 2021

We can't wait to unveil the personnalities and artists who have accepted this year to offer their vision of themsleves. Until then, here are some of the self-portraits made in previous editions" 




And hundreds more you can discover right here...




Mélikah Abdelmoumen • Chlag Amraoui • Les frères Archambault  • Robin Aubert • Eruoma Awashish • Chadi Ayoub • Malgosia Bajkowska • Jean Barbe • Jimmy Beaulieu • Christian Bégin • Marc Béland • Hélène Béland-Robert • Daniel Bélanger • David Bicari • Aleksander Bielkowski • Anik Bissonnette • Michel-Marc Bouchard • Geneviève Cadieux • Mélanie Campeau • Pat Cantin • Marilyn Castonguay • Benoît Chalifoux • Robert Charlebois • Ramon Chicharron • Marie Chouinard • Amielle Clouâtre • André Clouâtre • Suzanne Comtois • Guillaume Côté • Maxime Courval • Hélène Couture • Sylvie Dagenais • Normand Daneau • Jacques Davidts • Karine Demers • Sophie Deraspe • René Derouin • Claude Despins Desson • Angèle Dubeau • Denis Dulude • Joan Dumouchel • Yanie Dupont-Hébert • Simon Durivage • Laurent Duvernay-Tardif • Isabelle Ethier • Louise Forestier • Sébastien Gaudette • Jean Gauthier • Marie-Louise Gay • Jimmy Hamelin • Alison Hamier • Chantal Harvey • Isabelle Hébert • Steve Hill • Germain Houde • Lucie Houle • Yves Jacques • Hakima Jnah • Justin Kingsley • Liliana Komorowska • Justine Laberge • Mathieu Laca • Dany Laferrière • David Lafrance • Sophie Lambert • Olivier LandrevilleEve Landry • Tanya Lapointe •  Isabelle Leduc • Jean Lemire • Robert Lepage • Claude LépineThe Lobo • Marie-Claude Marquis • Alexis Martin • Julie MénardMivilleMom & Pop • Melsa Montagne • Maya Ombasic • Olivia Palacci • Marie-Hélène Panisset • Marie-Claude Paradis • Michel Pedneault • Isabelle Picard Piko • Boris Pintado • Jean-Claude Poitras • Frank Polson • Jean-Denis Proulx • Jeanne Rochette • Jean-Daniel Rohrer • Martin Rondeau • Danièle Routaboule • Patrice Roy • Chloé Sainte-Marie • Eve Salvail • Sylvie Santerre • Emmanuel Schwartz • Stéphane Di Scotto Cesare • Arnaud Soly • Steven Spazuk • Elise S. André • Bahar Taheri • Djely Tapa • Sylvain Tapin • Kim Thuy • Claude Tousignant • Brigitte Toutant • Michel Tremblay • Pat Tremblay • Minh Truong • Linda Vachon • Dr. Alain Vadeboncoeur VéroniKaH • Éric Villeneuve • Patrycja Walton • Jean-Philippe Wauthier • Eva Zubrzycki



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