Art Therapy

Thursday 1pm to 15 pm  available places for fall session

Self-understanding, personal strengths exploration through artistic expression.

Description of the workshop

Art therapy is an approach to help manage stress, boost energy and learn to find harmony.  The participant can work on the same problem as in a conventional therapy.  However, he/she steps into a therapeutic process by creating a piece of work with the

help of the art therapist.

Art therapy is used in a variety of fields to improve emotional balance and to contribute to the recovery of physical and psychological aches such as dependencies, stress related health problems, anxiety, depression, relationship problems and somatization.

It’s not necessary to be an artist to undergo this therapy.  In fact, each person owns a capacity of expression that he/she discovers by letting himself/herself be guided.  It is important to mention that the piece of work produced is considered more for its therapeutic aspect than for its esthetical one. 

Purpose of the art therapy workshop

The objective of this workshop consists in managing complex situations while facilitating communication and creative activity towards a growth of self-confidence, concentration and positive feelings.