Drama Therapy

Monday from 1pm to 3pm

Improvisation, mouvement and role play

Description of the workshop

“For me, theatre is the projection on stage of our internal

world” - Ionesco


Drama therapy workshop offers the creation of a symbolic reality, represented by an interactive, inclusive and safe approach.  When participants « do as if » in a safe environment, they can deal more freely with issues and questions that concern them in real life. 

The workshop helps the participant in playing stories, fix objectives, express emotions, and develop a confident, spontaneous and natural attitude.

According to the covered subject and participants, the starting point of the action can be taken from tales, myths, plays, poems, personal stories, or simply the participant’s imagination.  They will develop artistic images, improvisations or characters that will be displayed with the help of the animator.

Purpose of the drama therapy workshop

The workshop objective consists of mobilizing the whole being: imagination, thought, body, posture, voice, face expression, etc.  Participants will be introduced to basic notions of

theatrical play.

Through those plays, they will rebuild a better relation with themselves and others.  Drama therapy is a tool to develop empathy, a better self-image and develop social skills.