Tuesday from 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Expression in volume, shaping


Description of the workshop

In this SCULPTURE workshop, participants use argile medium to create shapes by freeing their imagination.  Afterward, they have the opportunity to achieve projects using plaster or papier mâché of a bigger size.  The activity itself turns out to be quite fulfilling and reassuring, because the concrete and soothing contact with the medium is relaxing for the mind and

stimulating for the body.

Purpose of the sculpture workshops

The support worker lets participants follow their own pace by patiently accompanying them towards a personalized work.  The techniques are used to serve their project; the goal is not to perform.  By experimenting, participants discover a pleasure to

shape an idea, an emotion.

The sculpture workshop is intended for adults with or without experience.  It is designed as a weekly pause, a free and

relaxing field of creation.