Sound & Rhythm

Friday from 10am to noon,  available places for fall session


Description of the workshop


The workshop of SOUND AND RHYTHM is a musical activity that aims to promote an interactive experience to a group of people with

the use of percussion instruments.


This group activity includes percussion instruments where participants sit in circle in a safe and welcoming environment. Participants are involved in a way to promote the group unity, social harmony, in a non-competitive atmosphere. 

With the help of different techniques and approaches, my role is to bring the participants towards a certain cohesion while promoting constructive musical and social behaviors in a safe and creative environment.

We don’t focus on performance, but on the participant’s development and well-being.  With the help of interactive games with percussion instruments, this activity promotes

communication and creativity.  Working as the group facilitator,

I intervene also as an assistance regulator.  I only want to help the group and its participants to play music together in

fun and warm atmosphere.

With instruments adapted to the participants (drum with frame, djembes, little instruments that we scratch, shake or hit with a stick or hand), the percussion activity has the advantage to be played in group (7 to 8 people), and to be accessible to everybody.  This recreational activity runs in circle with armless chairs, allowing participants to be more comfortable in

Purpose of the music workshop

their movements.  The activity’s objectives are:

  • to bring sensory satisfaction
  • to stimulate and develop new skills
  • to boost self-confidence
  • to improve memory
  • to break out of the isolation
  • to decrease anxiety and stress