Every year, for eight years now, around a hundred self-portraits have been produced in all candor by personalities and artists to support the CAP's mission. Created to change the public's view of mental illness, these self-portraits are then put up for auction as part of moi m'aime, an unprecedented and exclusive benefit auction in which all the funds raised enable the CAP to pursue its mandate and maintain its essential services.

After the great success of the benefit auction in 2021, Le CAP returns with me loves me – one hundred self-portraits which will be in its 9th edition and which will be carried by Bruny Surin, quadruple Olympian and businessmen accomplished. The auctions will take place online from May 4 to 18.

Bruny Surin

Spokesperson for moi m’aime 2022

Lucie Houle

Co-president of moi m’aime 2022

Benoît Chalifoux

Co-president of moi m’aime 2022

“I agreed to be the spokesperson for the CAP foundation because I know the seriousness of mental health, especially these days, in this difficult period that we are living. Already since last year, I had affinities with CAP, since I had participated in the fundraising. I have a very good friend who is also involved, so it was only natural for me to get involved a little more this year as an official spokesperson. Mental health concerns us all. We all know someone near or far in our community who is affected by this, so we are going to put a lot of effort into this cause, and I can't wait to participate! »

Bruny Surin, spokesperson for moi m’aime 2022

Will participate in 2022

Will participate in 2022

Will participate in 2022

Will participate in 2022

Will participate in 2022

Will participate in 2022

Will participate in 2022

Geneviève Alarie


Louise Archambault

Mario Ardonetto

Charlotte Aubin

Malgosia Bajkowska

Angelo Barsetti

Michel Beaucage

Louise Bédard

François Bégin

Hélène Bélanger-Martin

Rémi Bergeron

Patrice Bernier

Dominic Besner

Jacques Brochu

Dinu Bumbaru

Pascale Bussières

Pat Cantin

Claude Carette

Christian Casanova

Kathryn Casault

Benoit Chalifoux

Sandra Chevrier

Lucie Chicoine

Ann Chow

Suzanne Comtois

Jean-Michel Correia

Jean Côté

Sylvain Coulombe

Hélène Couture

Sylvie Dagenais

Gérard Dansereau

Karine Demers

René Derouin

Marc Déry

Laurent Desbois

Louise Deschâtelets

André Desjardins

Denis Desson

Veronica Dragneff

Sylvie Drainville

Émilie Dubreuil

Martin Dubreuil

Louise Forestier

Dominique Fortier

Sylvie Fusade

Sébastien Gaudette

Jean Gauthier

Mélanie Gauthier

Audrey-Eve Goulet

Sophie Grégoire

Jérôme Guilleaume

Charles Hamelin

Alison Hamier

Germain Houde

Lucie Houle

Isabelle Hubert

Mathieu Laca

Hugo Latulippe

Geneviève LeBel

Jean Leclerc

Anick Lemay

Claude Lépine

Carl Lessard

Nancy Létourneau alias Pixels

Alexandra Levasseur

François Longpré

Philippe Manevy

Louise Marleau

Michelle Michaud


Melsa Montagne

Frank Mulvey

Julie Ouellet

Marie-Claude Paradis

Éric Paulhus

Karine Payette

Marie-Chantal Perron

Isabelle Picard

Jacques Pinard alias Piko

Elise Quesnel

Béatrice Raimbeault

Louis-Philippe Riopelle

Stéphanie Robert

Jean-Daniel Rohrer

Emile Roy

Élise S. André

Brigitte Saint-Aubin

Sylvie Santerre

Bernard Séguin Poirier

Bruny Surin

Sylvain Tapin

Kim Thuy

Gérard Tremblay

Michel Tremblay

Linda Vachon

Louis Vachon

Gabrielle Vigneault-Gendron

Paul Villeneuve

Audrée Wilhelmy

Cynthia Wu-Maheux

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