EXPRESSION program offers a variety of artistic expression workshops that boost the healing process or the growth of daily functional skills. This program’s workshops are designed in order to regain self-esteem, self-confidence and creative potential.

A registration period is planned before each new session.

Objectif du programme expression

The program’s objective is not to perform or produce, but to try to enjoy drawing in a non-judgemental atmosphere. Those activities prepare the participant in adapting himself/herself to a greater involvement in a working environment, by developing his/her self-confidence and personal motivation.

Déroulement des ateliers

Furthermore, they help improve the social skills of people who have been socially isolated or set aside from a working environment for a certain period of time. Each expression workshop lasts two hours weekly.

Périodes d'inscription

A period of registration is planned before each new session, and actual participants can renew their registration during the pre-registration period. August for the fall semester, November for winter, March for spring and May for summer.

Please register upon appointment only at 514-843-5658 ext.222 or ext.228

Frais de participation de 55$ par atelier et par trimestre (sur présentation du carnet de réclamation) ou 95$ par atelier, sauf art-thérapie individuel (25 $ / heure) - payable à l'inscription.