Ateliers Jeunes et Jeunes adultes


The Youth program offers a session of art therapy workshops for young people. The pandemic context has greatly weakened the mental health of many young people, who face in particular anxiety related to distance learning, the breakdown of social ties and the difficulty of projecting themselves into a future that seems uncertain. These workshops aim to support young people in this difficult period by offering them the opportunity to participate in a creative experience that takes into account everyone's needs.


The aim of the programme is to give the young participants a positive, fun and enriching experience, focusing on the pleasure of creating. Secondly, to encourage them to express themselves freely and spontaneously, and to accompany them through the process of expression and creation in a safe, welcoming and empathetic environment. The focus is on the personal creative process, not the result, while respecting each person’s rhythm and limits, and without pressure to perform.

Art therapy has a number of benefits for well-being and mental health:

  • Self-affirmation and self-esteem
  • Emotional regulation
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Sense of empowerment
  • Development of social ties

The workshops

For young people aged 15 to 30

Group workshops at CAP for youth, individual registration:

  • Thursdays from 3.30pm to 5.30pm
  • On the CAP premises
  • Groups of 6 to 10 young people
  • Led by a qualified art therapist
  • 150 for 10 workshops
  • Materials provided

Workshops for organisations and institutions that work with youth and already have a group:

  • Up to 10 young people per workshop
  • 150 per workshop (we recommend 5 to 10 workshops)
  • Materials provided
  • Workshops can be given by our art therapists on your premises or at CAP.

No artistic talent required.

Registration period

Group workshops for young CAP students:

Summer session: 4 – 11 – 18 July and 15 – 22 – 29 August – FULL

Autumn session: date to be announced


Workshops for organisations that work with young people and already have a group :

Any time (except during the Christmas and summer holidays).


For more information and to register for the youth workshops, contact Margot DIGARD, project and communications manager, at 514-843-5658 #224 or by email: