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Programme Prévenir 2018

Joseph Niro

Joseph Niro

Président du comité organisateur, Programme corporatif Prévenir (RICOH CANADA)

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Invest in your employees’ mental health

Mental illness affects all Canadians and has a major impact on productivity, education, interpersonal relationships and overall quality of life. These challenges represent a significant social and economic burden. In fact, mental illness holds many people back, keeping them from realizing their potential, being productive and contributing to their communities.

Direct and indirect costs

According to an analysis of the total economic impact of mental illness in Canada (direct costs associated with care and indirect cost like loss of productivity), the price tag for mental health issues is over billion, and it’s sure to increase every year.

We can now realistically say that mental health issues are a threat to the country’s public health, quality of life and economic stability.


More than ever, we need to focus on prevention programs to develop the personal growth of those at risk of developing a mental illness
or those who want to restore their self-confidence while recovering from depression.
This is the goal of the CAP’s PREVENTION program.


1.6 million people say that their mental health needs are not met, and 7.5 million are living with a mental illness or mental health issue.


A chronic problem

Many studies have found that every year, nearly 5% of Canadians will experience a severe mental illness and 20% will be affected by a mild-to-moderate illness. These are alarming statistics, particularly because they don’t take into account the even higher number of people affected by temporary emotional hardship, which often causes distress.

Faced with this reality, we can no longer plan and strategize. The time to act is now.

About us

The CAP Founded in 1983, the organization uses artistic creation to help people deal with and prevent painful emotions. It has become a model for providing hospitality, guidance and support to those suffering from anxiety.


– 35 years of art-based mental health support in Montreal

– Over 5,000 people have been helped since it was founded in 1983

– 85% social inclusion success rate

– 90% employability success rate 

– 100% mental health improvement and stability

– 90% reduction in medication use and hospitalizations

– 150 clients per year 

– 50 volunteers per year


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Prévenir Corporate Program

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